Copper Scrap Yard

Everyone knows how valuable copper is, but for some it’s hard to transport their raw materials to the scrap yard on their own. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help! With our mobile scrap metal pick-up services, we will come directly to your location, weigh, pay and haul away.

Copper is currently in high demand for a number of reasons. One reason is that many essential items are produced from this metal, including plumbing,electrical wire,electronics,currency and more. Another reason that copper is so valuable right now is that countries like China and India that have been rapidly modernizing require vast amounts of copper to build infrastructure. Since the metal is being used faster than it is mined, there is an increasing demand for scrap copper so that it can be reused for other applications.

Sgt. Scrap is a copper scrap yard that serves Camden County and Ocean County in NJ, as well as Philadelphia and Montgomery County in PA. For industrial customers, we also offer scrap metal roll-off dumpster services. If you have copper scraps lying around your home or business, now is the time to put them to good use.

Types of Materials that Contain Copper

You might be surprised at the common items that contain copper. The most common items containing copper are electrical wires, but items like alternators, transformers, and electric motors may also contain copper.

We also accept various copper alloys such as bronze and brass.

Grades of Scrap Copper

While many of items contain copper, not all of it is of equal quality. Bare copper solids are divided into three categories based on their purity.

  • Bare Bright – To fall into this category, copper scraps must be electrical wire that is free of all contamination. This is the highest grade of scrap copper, and it must contain 99% pure copper.
  • Scrap copper #1 – To meet the requirements for this category, the scraps must be at least 98% copper. They should be free of excess oil, solder, and other impurities.
  • Scrap copper #2 – This is also commonly referred to as “soldered fittings/plated copper” It must be at-least 94% copper.

Grades of Copper Wires are based off of recovery

Recovery means the yield of copper produced when wire is stripped of insulation.

Copper wires have their own grading system. You probably have plenty of unused wires lying around, although some are worth more than others. Rather than throwing it away, recycle it with us and put some cash in your pocket.

High-grade #1 copper wire – These wires contain a higher percentage of copper that can be recovered.

copper scrap yard Philadelphia

92% wire that is a single conductor and is larger then 4/0 awg (<-american wire gauge)

86% wire that is single conductor that range from 1/0-4/0 awg

82% wire that is single conductor that range from 12 awg-#2 awg

65% wire that is a typically a multi-conductor like romex

Low-grade #2 copper wire – Most common wires will fall into this category since less copper will be recovered. These include extension and appliance cords, telephone wires, VGA cables, and even Christmas lights.

#1 golden rule for scrapping metal is to always keep like items together to receive max profit

Why Choose Sgt. Scrap?

Sgt. Scrap offers fast and reliable service to recycle your scrap metal. Plus, we offer you the best rates to ensure you get the most for your metal.

If you live in the vicinity of Camden County and Ocean County in NJ or Montgomery County and Philadelphia in PA, now is the time to take advantage of our copper scrap yard or our aluminum scrap yard. Feel free to visit any of our three convenient locations or call to schedule a pickup today.


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