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Turn Your Old Car Into Cash at Our Auto Salvage Yards

When your car or truck is too beat-up to drive, what should you do with it? Your local dealership probably won’t be interested in buying a lemon and will offer little or no cash. Meanwhile, having it towed to the wrong junkyard might cost you a hefty fee. Instead, bring it to our auto salvage yard and let Sgt. Scrap pay you for the valuable scrap materials in your non-running car.

Old cars in a salvage yard

Our Auto Salvage Yards Will Scrap Your Old Car

Even if your old car is undrivable, the materials within it are worth something, so don’t give your vehicle away for free. Our auto salvage yards will recycle the scrap material from unusable cars and let our customers share the profits. We aim to give you a competitive cash offer while taking an old junker off of your hands.

We work with auto mechanics and other local people who are interested in turning a car or car parts into money in their pocket, and unlike other car junk yards, we don’t resell working car parts. We will only use the items you sell to us for scrap material.

a Trusted Car Salvage Yard Near You

At Sgt. Scrap, we have an auto salvage yard with available hours that fit your drop-off needs. Our Pennsauken Township car salvage yard is open six days a week from Monday through Saturday.

We Offer Auto Salvage Pick-Up

When a car is ready to become scrap, it usually isn’t safe to drive to one of our auto, copper, and aluminum scrap yards. We understand that. That’s why our mobile scrap pick-up services will bring the scrap yard right to you! We can schedule your pick-up at a time that is convenient for you on any day of the week. We will collect your unwanted car or car parts, take them to one of our car junk yards, weigh them, and pay you for the scrap materials.

You can take advantage of our auto salvage pick up services if you live in:

Why Choose Sgt. Scrap?

At Sgt. Scrap, we take your old junk — scrap metal pipes, beat-up car parts, and other items that you don’t need — and recycle them. We buy copper, aluminum, and non-ferrous materials at our copper scrap yards. We’re here for customers in Philadelphia, Camden County, Delaware County, Gloucester County, and parts of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.

We don’t just offer flexible drop-off hours and convenient pick-up options. We make it easy to keep your valuable scrap materials separate from your trash during a big project with a scrap metal roll-off dumpster.

If you want to turn your old car or car parts into money, just give our auto salvage yards a call. We always pick up the phone, and our knowledgeable workers will help you get the best rates possible for your car.

Got metal?

Get paid today

Drop Off

Bring your box truck full of metal to one of our locations. We will weigh your metal and pay you on the spot.
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Mobile Pick Up

Complete the form or call to schedule a pickup. Our team will come to you to pick up your scrap of 500 lbs or more of non-ferrous metals.

Rolloff Containers

Gathering metal from jobs over time? We can drop off a dumpster and pickup your scrap metal for payment when it's full.

Call us today, and we’ll haul your non-ferrous scrap metal, but not before we pay you cash!

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