Group of older white refrigerators sitting outside at a scrap yard

Misconceptions About Appliance Scrapping

How much do scrap yards pay for appliances? If you’ve recently replaced an appliance, you may be wondering what to do with the old one. …

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Small pieces of aluminum piled together to be recycled

The Uses of Recyclable Aluminum

Aluminum continues to be one of the most recycled materials. According to The Aluminum Association, recycled aluminum makes up about 80% of all aluminum produced …

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Scrap metal stored in a bag away from water and other elements

Setting Aside Scrap in the Home Before Transport

Collecting and recycling unused or unwanted scrap metal is a great way to earn some extra cash. Whether you’re doing it as a side hustle …

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Roll-off container filled with scrap metal

Top Sources of Scrap Metal

Do you have an attic or garage full of junk? Perhaps you’re working at a job site where you’ll need to remove old pipes or …

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Client transporting scrap haul with personal vehicle

Saving Time with Mobile Scrap Pickup

Whether you’re an individual who collects scrap to make a little extra cash on the side or a big company that specializes in large cleanup …

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Copper bearings

Are Copper Bearings Worth Scrapping?

When you’re scrapping, it pays to know which metals are worth the most money. Having this knowledge can help you use your time more wisely …

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Old and broken jewelry laid out to be recycled

Keep or Scrap? Know the Best Items to Scrap

If you know what to look for, scrapping can be an excellent source of additional income. Because some scrap items are more valuable than others, …

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Scrap metal collected during a construction job

Types of Metal Scrap: A Guide for Electricians and Contractors

Construction jobs and renovation projects are common sources of valuable metals that can be recycled. Instead of discarding unused or unwanted scrap, electricians and contractors …

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Household appliances ideal for scrapping

Common Appliances to Take for Scrap

You might think scrapping requires you to scour your neighborhood and look on the side of the road for metal other people have discarded. However, …

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Scrap metal containing iron ready to be recycled

A Comparison of Heavy and Light Iron Recycling

Ferrous metals are the most common type of scrap metal. This category includes metals containing iron as their primary element, such as stainless steel. Because …

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Various grades of copper pipes

Understanding the Grading System for Copper Scrap

Copper is among the most valuable metals when it comes to collecting and recycling. Given the unique properties that allow it to be an effective …

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Pile of aluminum scrap for recycling

Why is Aluminum Scrap in High Demand?

The going rate for scrap aluminum fluctuates much like the stock market. Its price is determined by supply and demand. The greater the demand for …

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