Line graph showcasing the rise and fall of scrap metal rates

Factors That Affect Scrap Metal Rates

The scrap metal industry can be highly lucrative, but volatile. Much like the stock market, scrap metal rates can change significantly at a moment’s notice. ...
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Money being exchanged for scrap metal

How Scrap Recycling Earns You Money

There are several reasons you should recycle your unwanted or used scrap metal. For instance, you are helping to preserve natural resources, supporting manufacturing, and ...
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Large pile of scrap metal

Conducting a Scrap Metal Audit as a Business

Do you know how scrap metal can help maximize your company’s returns? Businesses in many different industries produce scrap metal, but not every business owner ...
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Cardboard box filled with household appliances

Best Things to Scrap for Money During Your Move

Moving homes can be overwhelming, but one good part of the process is having the opportunity to take inventory of the things you own. This ...
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Mountain of scrap metal that’s waiting to be recycled

What Happens to Scrap if It Isn’t Recycled?

It’s hard to deny the benefits of scrapping metal. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash and clear out space on your property, ...
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Scrapper holding first aid kit

Don’t Rush It: Common Scrap Metal Injuries

Gathering and disposing of unused or unwanted metals can be very advantageous for the scrapper and the environment. However, doing it incorrectly can lead to ...
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Wooden tool box filled with old tools that can be recycled

Most Overlooked Sources of Scrap Metal in the Home

If you want to help protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and stimulate your local economy, all while making a little extra cash, then you ...
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Large amount of various scrap metal collected inside container

Most Common Questions in Selling Scrap Metal

Gathering and selling scrap metal can seem like an intriguing pursuit given its many perks that not only benefit you but the environment, as well. ...
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Group of older white refrigerators sitting outside at a scrap yard

Misconceptions About Appliance Scrapping

How much do scrap yards pay for appliances? If you’ve recently replaced an appliance, you may be wondering what to do with the old one. ...
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Small pieces of aluminum piled together to be recycled

The Uses of Recyclable Aluminum

Aluminum continues to be one of the most recycled materials. According to The Aluminum Association, recycled aluminum makes up about 80% of all aluminum produced ...
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Scrap metal stored in a bag away from water and other elements

Setting Aside Scrap in the Home Before Transport

Collecting and recycling unused or unwanted scrap metal is a great way to earn some extra cash. Whether you’re doing it as a side hustle ...
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Roll-off container filled with scrap metal

Top Sources of Scrap Metal

Do you have an attic or garage full of junk? Perhaps you’re working at a job site where you’ll need to remove old pipes or ...
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