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A damaged car tireScrapping an old vehicle at an auto salvage yard and having the components recycled can net you a fair amount of profit. Almost everything on a vehicle can be recycled, from its frame down to the wheels. Serving customers across New Jersey and Delaware as well as parts of Pennsylvania, and New York, Sgt. Scrap will responsibly recycle your wheels and pay you fairly for each one in return.

How to Prepare Wheels for Scrap

When scrapping old wheels, the tires need to be disposed of first. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers basic information on proper tire disposal. The steps for preparing scrap wheels are as follows:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: To safely and efficiently remove a tire from a wheel, you will need the right tools for the job, including a SAWZALL and needle pliers. You also should wear protective eyewear.
  2. Detach the wheel weights: Before scrapping your wheel, remove any wheel weights present. Check the inside and outside of the wheel and remove the weights with pliers. Generally made from steel, or lead on older models, these weights can be scrapped separately for maximum returns.
  3. Take the air out of the tire: Deflating the tire allows you to safely cut into it for disassembly. To do this, simply use your pliers to compress the valve system’s core. Hold the valve open until you no longer hear a hissing noise, indicating all the air has escaped.
  4. Cut the tire’s head: At a 45-degree angle, cut through the tire with your SAWZALL. This process works best with a long, steel-cutting blade. Although it may be difficult and require another set of hands to hold the tire, you should be able to cut all the way through until you hit the wheel. This step needs to be done on both sides.
  5. Cut through the tire’s bead: Once you’ve reached the rim, the tire is still attached fairly securely. Cut into each side of the rim at a depth of approximately 1 inch. This will sever the steel cable bead on the inside, allowing the tire to loosen from the wheel.
  6. Pull apart the loose tire: Using your hands, you should now be able to pull the tire away from the wheel with relative ease.
  7. Double-check the wheel: The last step is to remove the valve stem from the wheel, as well as any pressure sensors present (on newer models).

Different Types of Wheels We Buy

Not all wheels are made from the same material. Sgt. Scrap recommends determining the type of wheels you have ahead of time to better predict the amount of compensation you’ll receive for each one. As a leading scrap dealer, we buy several kinds of wheels, and our current pricing is as follows:

Metal Type Price Per Unit
Clean Aluminum Wheels $0.95 Lb
Aluminum Wheels (Dirty) $0.87 Lb
Chrome Wheels $0.70 Lb
Aluminum Truck Wheels 6061 $0.70 Lb

The types of wheels we buy are defined below:

  • Clean and dirty aluminum wheels: We accept aluminum wheels that are either free of contaminants (clean) or show signs of corrosion and other contaminants (dirty).
  • Chrome wheels: These wheels are crafted using a plating process that involves applying several layers of metal. They may contain nickel or copper, as well as chrome.
  • Aluminum truck wheels 6061: This particular aluminum grade is durable and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for most trucks.

Please note: Clean wheels can be scrapped for a higher price than dirty wheels.

Options for Hauling Scrap Wheels

At Sgt. Scrap, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our customers. And we understand that hauling wheels may be difficult for many people, given the size and number collected. Here are the ways your old wheels can reach our scrap yard:

  • Drop-off: Customers who wish to drop off scrap wheels can do so at one of our locations.
  • Pick-up: If you can’t haul scrap in your vehicle, simply schedule a pick-up with our team. You must have at least 500 pounds of non-ferrous metal.
  • Roll-off dumpsters: Customers with large amounts of scrap metal can take advantage of our roll-off dumpster service. Through this service, you can acquire scrap wheels at your own pace, and one of our team members will haul them away once the dumpster is full. The minimum weight is 5,000 pounds.

Recycle Your Scrap Wheels at Sgt. Scrap Today

Sgt. Scrap is proud to be your go-to partner for all your scrapping needs. We offer trusted and professional services to our customers across NJ and DE as well as parts of PA, and NY, and we are committed to offering the best prices for all the metals we buy. To learn more about scrapping your wheels or to schedule a pick-ups service, contact us today.

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