Today's Prices

Listed below are today’s prices for selling your scrap metal. 

Metal Type Haddon Pennsauken
Light Iron $8.00 $8.50
P & S Prepared Under 5 Feet $10.50 $10.50
HMS 1 Prepared Under 5 Feet $9.50 $10.00
Rotors & Drums $11.25 $11.50
Over Sized 1 $8.50 $9.00
Cast Iron $9.50 $10.00
Complete Cars $8.50

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Drop Off

Bring your box truck full of metal to one of our locations. We will weigh your metal and pay you on the spot.
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Mobile Pick Up

Complete the form or call to schedule a pickup. Our team will come to you to pick up your scrap of 500 lbs or more of non-ferrous metals.

Rolloff Containers

Gathering metal from jobs over time? We can drop off a dumpster and pickup your scrap metal for payment when it's full.

Call us today, and we’ll haul your non-ferrous scrap metal, but not before we pay you cash!

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