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Mobile Scrap Pick-Up at Your Convenience!

Mobile Pickup is not available for anything steel or that a magnet can stick to. If you have a large amount of steel to recycle we can provide a rolloff container for recycling your material.

Do you have any scrap metal lying around? If so, what do you plan on doing with it?

If you said, “Just toss it,” then stop yourself right there! You can make money off of your excess metal by contacting our team here at Sgt. Scrap. In fact, we have a mission to be the best mobile scrap metal dealer throughout South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, as we accept no less than being the best.

With our mobile scrap metal pick-up services, we bring the scrap yard to you. When it comes to our mobile scrap yard, we’re mobile scrap metal buyers and dealers of extra metal for people in residential areas throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The areas we serve include:

If you believe that you could make money from your excess metal, then look no further than the mobile scrap yard services here at Sgt. Scrap. Or if you’d like to bring your metal to us, then look into our copper scrap yardaluminum scrap yard, or car junk yard.

Mobile Scrap Yard Service

We take all of the metals listed but do not accept wood, cement, tires, oils, fluids, materials that emit radiation, hazardous waste and cracked or leaking batteries.

Our scrap metal roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of different sizes. We offer a wide range of dumpster sizes — 20-yard, 30-yard, 40-yard — that can be delivered at the point of purchase to reduce any handling costs.

We make our scrap metal roll-off dumpster delivery, pickup, and recycling service simple. This process begins with you filling out a form on our website with your name, the street address of construction site or job site of where you want the dumpster delivered, your phone number, your email, and some information about the scrap that you will be depositing into one of our containers.


The types of metal that we’ll pick up and buy from you include:

Give us a call to learn about what items we will and will not pick up.

Calling all tradesmen: We want to hear from you! Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, or involved in a different trade, we know you’re too busy to bring your excess materials to the scrap yard. We’ll come to your job site and take care of that for you!

Residential Scrap Metal Pick-Up

Sure, it’s easy for most people to obtain scrap metal, but the thing that gets us is how it can be difficult to get rid of it. In fact, it’s banned by most traditional trash companies, including municipal garbage services, which makes it that much more challenging for people to dispose of their excess metal. If you’ve been wondering how to say goodbye to your metal, wonder no more, because at Sgt. Scrap, our residential scrap metal pick-up is at your service. We’re mobile scrap metal buyers and mobile scrap metal dealers of residential scrap metal using our mobile scrap metal pick-up services.

We suggest that you call us if you’d like the easy way (and the best way) out. You won’t have to sneak your scrap metal into trash bags or drive miles and miles to find a recycling center that’s designed for this type of material. All you need to do is let us take it using our mobile scrap yard service, and the best part is – you get paid for your scrap metal!

If you live in Camden County, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Bucks County, PA, Chester County, PA, Delaware County, PA, Gloucester County, NJ, Hudson County, NJ, Monmouth County, NJ, and Montgomery County, PA, and you’ve got metal, contact us today! We also provide scrap metal roll-off dumpster services for your convenience.

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Do you have over 500 lbs of metal ready to scrap? We pay the best prices in town.

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