Roll-off Dumpsters in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Roll-off scrap metal dumpsters are a must for your next major construction or remodeling project. At Sgt. Scrap, we’ve made it our duty to provide exceptional roll-off dumpster services in New Jersey, Delaware, and areas of Pennsylvania and New York. We site-deliver scrap metal roll-off dumpsters, so all you have to do is fill them with recyclable debris from your home, office, or construction location. Additionally, we pay you competitive prices for the machinery and scrap metal you recycle.

Items We Take

Sgt. Scrap provides fast, reliable delivery and pick-up of your roll-off dumpster containers, making it easy for you to continue your construction work. We strive to remain transparent with clients by listing on our website our market-competitive and up-to-date prices for all the metals, machines, and materials we purchase and recycle.

To use our roll-off dumpster services, your collective items must weigh a minimum of 5,000 pounds. Once we’ve taken away the container, you can rest assured that all the recyclable metals and materials from your site are processed responsibly according to all metal recycling guidelines, as well as United States federal regulation codes and standards.

We turn your waste metal into usable parts that can reenter the manufacturing cycle. The following are the types of materials we accept from commercial and residential customers at our scrap yards:


Copper comes in different grades and different forms. Bare bright is the highest grade and is 99% pure copper, while scrap copper #1 contains at least 98% copper and scrap copper #2 has at least 94% of copper. Meanwhile, high-grade copper wiring contains at least 65% pure copper and low-grade indicates any lesser percentage. We also accept insulated copper wire.


Aluminum is a very lightweight metal and one of the most common elements found on Earth. It exists in many household appliances, such as washers and dryers, patio furniture, and bicycle frames. We also take aluminum wire.

Alloy Metals

An alloy is a material combining two or more metallic elements. Sgt. Scrap accepts a variety of alloy metals such as nickel, carbide inserts, super alloy FSX 414 made from cobalt, Hastelloy solids, and Inconel.


Brass is a particular kind of alloy made of copper and zinc. It’s highly versatile, non-toxic, and found in many objects, such as door handles and water meters. Sgt. Scrap may also take your brass fittings, as well as materials made of bronze.


Individuals may place steel items on roll-off dumpsters. Many items are made of steel, such as beams, reinforcement apparatuses, mounting brackets, and transportation parts.

Household Appliances

You may acquire a roll-off dumpster to get rid of several household items, as well. These products may include air conditioners, heaters, water heaters, and valves.

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Items We Do Not Accept

While we accept a wide variety of items, there are some materials you may not add to our roll-off dumpsters. These pieces include:
  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Tires
  • Oils or fluids
  • Radioactive or radiation-emitting materials
  • Hazardous waste
  • Cracked or leaking batteries

Our Locations

We have scrap yards in Pennsauken Township, NJ, and Haddon Township, NJ, that clients throughout the state may utilize.

Services are also available for people in Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania and New York. Sgt. Scrap recognizes the importance of comprehensive service and leverages expertise and resources to assist you in disposing of scrap metals the right way. Our recycling not only benefits you but also the environment, as it reduces the instances of ore drilling for new metals.

Our Process for Requesting Roll-Off Dumpsters

Sgt. Scrap strives to offer multiple options to meet the needs of various projects. You can choose from 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard metal containers, which we will deliver at the point of purchase to keep handling costs reasonable. Once Sgt. Scrap gathers this information, we will:

  • Deliver the roll-off dumpster size you ordered directly to a precise location at your commercial or residential site
  • Weigh your scrap
  • Pay you on-site or at one of our New Jersey scrap yard locations
  • Haul away your scrap metal to our recycling facility

Sgt. Scrap has made contracting, delivering, and picking up our roll-off dumpsters simple. All you need to do to schedule a roll-off dumpster pickup is provide us with the following contact information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address of where to deliver the dumpster
  • Briefly mention the types of scrap metals and materials you’ll deposit into the container
  • Roll-off dumpster size

Trust Sgt. Scrap for Your Roll-off Dumpster Needs

Sgt. Scrap is proud to offer outstanding roll-off dumpster service to residents and businesses in New Jersey, Delaware, and parts of Pennsylvania and New York. We take the hassle out of removing metal and machinery debris, and we pay you for the recyclable materials. For information on how to arrange for a roll-off dumpster, contact us today.

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