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Mechanical Scrap Metal Waits For Recycling If you look around, you will find that most items consist of metal components. When these items have outlived their intended use, they can be discarded responsibly at Sgt. Scrap. Our company specializes in recycling unused or broken belongings made of steel and other materials. We serve customers in New Jersey and Delaware, along with parts of Pennsylvania, Long Island and Staten Island, New York. Our customers can choose the scrap options that are most convenient for them and receive prompt compensation.

The Value of Scrapping Steel

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 4.7 million tons of ferrous metals (steel and iron) are recycled every year. Scrapping steel parts and the other metals we buy allows them to be crafted into new items and reused over again. This process helps conserve valuable energy and eliminate waste.

Recycling steel is very important to the environment, but acting responsibly is advantageous for you, as well. The benefits of scrapping steel materials include:

  • Maximizing storage space: Unused steel generally comes in the form of large appliances that can take up a lot of room in your garage or a landfill. By discarding unused steel items, you can free up some excess storage space and find ways to better utilize it.
  • Compensation: Clients who take their metals to a scrap dealer will be paid directly. The amount each customer receives depends on several factors, such as the type of metal and how much is scrapped. Sgt. Scrap proudly offers its clients the most current competitive prices for all scrap materials.

Where to Look for Scrap Steel

Because of its high strength and durability, and relatively low cost, steel is a commonly used material in a wide range of items. Locating scrap steel can be simple if you know where to search. Some common places to find scrap steel include:

  • Garages and sheds: When looking for scrap metal, you may not have to travel far. Home garages and sheds may be harboring loads of steel just waiting to be recycled. Broken automobiles, outdated appliances, and old tools all are good sources of scrap metal often found in or around the home.
  • Construction sites: With steel having strong properties, it is a common material used to erect buildings and other structures. Scrap steel can be found on most construction and renovation sites. With permission, you may be allowed to take excess steel off someone else’s hands. This can include screws, bolts, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Dumpsters: Not everyone recycles scrap metal, and it’s often tossed out instead. Many customers find steel in dumpsters, by the curb, and in other trash areas.

Please note: If you plan to browse through trash areas for scrap metal, be sure to receive permission and wear the proper protective gear.

Different Types of Steel We Accept

As a leading scrap dealer in the area, Sgt. Scrap will take a variety of steel components. Our current pricing is as follows:

Metal Type Haddon Pennsauken
Light Iron $7.00 $7.00
P & S Prepared Under 5 Feet $12.35 $12.35
HMS 1 Prepared Under 5 Feet $11.35 $11.35
Rotors & Drums $12.35 $12.35
Over Sized 1 $7.75 $7.75
Cast Iron $11.35 $11.35
Complete Cars $7.00

Each type of steel we accept is defined below:

  • Light iron: This very thin type of steel is commonly found in most household items and small appliances.
  • Heavy melting steel (HMS) 1: This type of scrap must be free of any contaminants such as copper, aluminum, lead, galvanized and blackened steel. It must be 100% steel. We accept HMS at minimum 1/4 of an inch thick or larger, and the maximum is 5 feet x 2 feet, otherwise it will be purchased as oversized.
  • Rotors and drums: These are the brake parts found on vehicles.
  • Cast iron: An iron alloy, cast iron is made with carbon and is used for castings, auto parts, and other items.
  • Plate and structural (P & S): P&S steel is considered free of contaminants. We accept P & S steel prepared under 5 feet.
  • Oversized 1: This is coarse steel that is too large or too thick to be cut by the scrapper.
  • Complete cars: Unused or damaged vehicles may be scrapped whole at our auto salvage yard. To prepare a scrap vehicle, clients need to remove personal belongings and license plates, as well as all non-metal items inside the vehicle.

Ways to Scrap Steel Materials

As a Sgt. Scrap customer, you can choose the steel-hauling option that best suits your circumstances and the amount of metal you have. For steel scrap, we offer the following:

  • Drop-off: Clients are free to drop off their scrap steel at either of our locations during normal business hours.
  • Roll-off dumpsters: Collect scrap at your leisure with our roll-off dumpster service. An appropriately sized container will be delivered directly to you. Once it’s full, we will come back to pick it up. A 5,000-pound minimum is required.

Recycle Your Steel With Sgt. Scrap Today

With a commitment to providing reliable and quality services, Sgt. Scrap is your one-stop shop for turning steel scrap metal into cash. Serving customers across NJ and DE as well as parts of PA, and NY., we will responsibly recycle your scrap materials and pay you fairly in return. To learn more about our scrap metal services and current pricing, contact us today.

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