Aluminum Wire Recycling in NJ, DE, NY, & PA

At Sgt. Scrap, you’ll find a dedicated team of caring professionals with the knowledge and expertise to safely process, recycle, and repurpose a wide range of scrap materials, including aluminum wire. With scrap yards in Haddon Township and Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, we proudly serve a large radius around New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Types of Aluminum Wire

Aluminum can be used for electrical wiring in houses and power grids. While not as conductive as copper, aluminum wiring is lighter and generally less expensive than copper wiring, making it an appealing choice for those in the construction industry. Some common types of aluminum wire include:

  • Electrical conductor (EC) wire: This is bare aluminum electrical wire with no connectors or insulation. It is typically worth more than other types of aluminum wire.
  • Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) wire: This wire has a steel core and often is used in overhead power lines.
  • Insulated aluminum wire: A more cost-effective option than copper wire, insulated aluminum wire is used for all kinds of electrical work.
A pile of recyclable aluminum scrap wires

Any time you’re removing old wiring, you’ll likely find that is made from copper or aluminum. Both types of wiring can be recycled at a scrap yard. Usually, you’ll be able to distinguish aluminum and copper wiring by their color. But sometimes copper wire is coated with tin, giving it a deceivingly silver appearance. If you can’t tell what type of wire you have, use a magnet to test it. Aluminum is nonferrous (meaning it doesn’t contain any iron), so it won’t stick to a magnet.

Residential and commercial building renovations are major sources of scrap aluminum wire. If you’re demolishing a building, you can remove the aluminum wire and sell it for scrap. Scrap wire also is sometimes sold at auction. EC wire, which is made purely from aluminum, is generally worth more than ACSR wire, which contains steel.

Current Prices for Scrap Aluminum Wire

Sgt. Scrap stands out from our competitors by offering fair and transparent pricing. We keep up-to-date information on scrap metal prices on our website. Here are the current rates for the types of aluminum wire we buy:

Metal Type Price Per Unit
EC Wire $0.79 Lb
ASCR Wire $0.25 Lb
Insulated Aluminum $0.25 Lb

How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal

To prepare your aluminum wire for the scrap yard, make sure it’s generally clean and free of debris. Remove plastic and insulation to qualify for the higher price points that clean wire fetches.

At Sgt. Scrap, we offer three options for recycling your scrap metal:

  • Drop-off service: Bring your scrap wire to one of our two locations in Pennsauken Township, NJ, (open Monday through Saturday) or Haddon Township, NJ, (open seven days a week). There’s no minimum poundage requirement for scrap metal drop-offs.
  • Mobile pickup: Don’t have time to drop off your scrap? You can schedule a pickup by calling us at 856-356-2516. A member of the Sgt. Scrap team will come to collect your scrap material from your business or job site. You must meet the minimum weight requirement of 500 pounds to qualify for a pickup.
  • Roll-off dumpsters: If you need a long-term solution for gathering scrap metal at a work site, Sgt. Scrap can deliver a roll-off dumpster to you. We provide 20-, 30-, and 40-yard containers that you can fill up with scrap as you go. Once your project is complete, contact us and we’ll pick up the container, weigh your scrap, and pay you accordingly. The minimum weight for this service is 5,000 pounds.

Other Scrap Metals We Accept

Sgt. Scrap makes it easy for you and your business to responsibly recycle scrap metal – and improve your bottom line. In addition to aluminum wire, we accept other types of metal such as:

We also purchase many types of e-scrap including hard drives, memory chips, boards, and servers.

Recycle With Help From Sgt. Scrap

Don’t let valuable scrap metal end up in a landfill – count on Sgt. Scrap to help you dispose of your aluminum wire and other scrap material properly. While we’re based in New Jersey, our service area includes:

  • Delaware
  • New York:
    • Long Island
    • Staten Island
    • Manhattan
  • Pennsylvania:
    • Bucks County
    • Chester County
    • Delaware County
    • Montgomery County
    • Philadelphia

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