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Lead Pipes At A Recycling Yard Recycling metal offers a wide range of benefits such as positively affecting the environment, conserving energy, and earning yourself extra money. This includes scrapping lead. Certain precautions need to be taken to handle and dispose of lead responsibly. The professionals at Sgt. Scrap specialize in recycling lead and other metals we buy. Customers in New Jersey, the Staten Island and Long Island, New York areas, Pennsylvania, and Delaware can take advantage of our exceptional lead scrap metal services today.

What Makes Lead Valuable And Why You Should Recycle It

Getting your hands on pure lead can be very difficult, largely in part to lead not being used to make newer items. Because pure lead is rare to find and there is still a high demand for it, it is a valuable metal to scrap and can be extremely profitable. Rather than just throwing it away, appropriately recycling scrap lead offers great benefits to not only you but to the environment. Reasons to recycle your scrap lead include:
  • Freeing up space in landfills: When you choose to recycle your scrap lead instead of throwing it away, you are helping to keep it out of landfills. By doing so, more space is allowed for actual waste and items that are not recyclable.
  • Fewer greenhouse gases emitted: The production of new metal releases a significant amount of greenhouse gases into the environment, causing harmful pollution levels. New metals produced from recycled materials create far less pollution.
  • Declutter your space: Scraps of metal such as lead may be occupying a lot of unused space in your home or business. Not only is this scrap taking up space that could be better utilized, but it also may be an eyesore. Recycling this scrap can improve the look and function of your space.

Sources Of Scrap Lead

Finding scrap lead may be difficult given its rarity. However, you can still find lead if you know where to look. Some common sources and places you may discover scrap lead include:
  • Salvage yards: With lead being a durable and heavy metal, the automotive industry uses it as wheel weights. Abandoned or old cars and trucks are a great source for scrap lead, which you can find in salvage or junkyards, garages, or storage units.
  • Gun ranges: Because lead has properties allowing it to be used under high impact and high heat while still maintaining its shape, it is an excellent choice of metal for ammunition and bullets. Therefore, you can easily find lead at shooting ranges.
  • Batteries: You can find lead in lead-acid batteries. They can come in a wide range of sizes and be found inside consumer products such as car batteries.

Different Types Of Lead We Buy

At Sgt. Scrap, we will gladly take your scrap lead and pay you fairly in return. Different types of scrap lead we buy include:
Metal Type Price Per Unit
Lead $0.55 Lb
Copper Insulated Lead $0.60 Lb
Gun Range Lead $0.52 Lb
Lead Wheel Weights $0.15 Lb
Batteries $0.19 Lb
Batteries - Steel Case $0.14 Lb

Options For Scrapping

Hauling scrap, especially lead, can be a difficult task depending on the weight and amount of scrap metal you have. Sgt. Scrap proudly offers customers three different ways they can recycle their scrap metal, such as:
  • Drop-off: During our business hours, customers are welcome to haul their scrap metal to one of our locations. We will then weigh it and pay our customers accordingly.
  • Pick-up: Customers who don’t have the necessary equipment to safely haul their scrap metal can take advantage of our pick-up service. (500 pounds minimum)
  • Roll-off dumpster: If you are a customer who gathers scrap metal here and there, you may enjoy our roll-off container service. First, we deliver a container to your address. Once it’s filled up, one of our team members will be there to pick it up. (5,000 pounds minimum)

Recycling Your Scrap Lead At Sgt. Scrap

At Sgt. Scrap, we’re committed to being the premier lead scrap metal dealer. We provide our customers in New Jersey, Staten Island and Long Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware with professional scrap metal services. We pride ourselves on offering fair and competitive prices for your scrap metal. To learn more about our scrap metal services or schedule a pick-up, please contact Sgt. Scrap today.

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