Services We Offer!

1) 20,30,40, 2 yard containers, barrels and boxes can be delivered at point of purchase to reduce handling costs!

2) Effective logistics to handle timely appointments
Mobile pick up drivers give all first time users a walk through of how all transactions are processed.

3) We can teach easy to learn tips and tricks of the trade (aka properties of metal)
*Did you know a property of Stainless steel is that it sparks when hit with a grinder. Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc do not spark on a grinder*

4) Service with a smile “Moving tons upon tons of metal is hard but we try our best. We are the grinders of Society!”
Grinding the metal out of refuse for the precious metals

Watch us in action!

Scap Metal We Buy From You!

Bare Copper

Brass Fittings

Insulated Copper Wire


Alloy metals





Appliances like

Air Conditioners


Water Heaters

and more…

Call us today and we’ll haul your non ferrous scrap metal, but not before we pay you cash!

We will pick it up for you!