Recycling Insulated Wire #2 in NJ, DE, NY, & PA

Serving a wide radius around New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Delaware, Sgt. Scrap is a professional scrap metal recycling service with two convenient scrap yard locations. In addition to recycling e-scrap, turnings and shavings, and many metal household goods, we also accept insulated wire, which can be recycled for its copper content. With Sgt. Scrap, you’ll enjoy competitive pricing, transparent practices, and reliable, efficient service.

What Is Insulated Wire?

Insulated wire or cable is typically bundled metal wire covered with a non-conductive material, such as plastic, or rubber which protects the wire and prevents electrical conductivity to other wires or surrounding materials. You’ll find insulated wires everywhere in daily life, from extension cords to home appliances. We can recycle both #1 and #2 insulated wire. #1 insulated wire is made from uncoated, unalloyed copper, and it’s generally worth more than #2 wire because of its purity. #2 insulated wire has a lower copper content and often is used in telecommunications wiring and home electronics.

A pile of recyclable insulated wire and cables

What Kinds of Insulated Wire Do We Accept?

We purchase and recycle the following types of wire for our customers:

  • Insulated #2 Copper Wire: This type of insulated wire often is found in appliance cords or older industrial equipment. This #2 Copper wire has contaminates on the wire itself such as lacquer, tin coating, aluminum and other impurities. It has less copper than higher-grade #1 wire. We accept insulated #2 wire with 55% and 75% copper content, as well as insulated feeders.
  • Aluminum BX 53% (MC): Commonly used by Electricians, Alum Bx has an aluminum casing over insulated copper wire. Aluminum bx is also one of the easier wires to upgrade for more cash and by upgrading you get two byproducts for scrap, those being THHN 82% and Aluminum Clip.  
  • Car harness: These wires run throughout the inner workings of an automobile to relay electrical power to different parts of the car.
  • Data wire: Used to run phone and internet service, common types of data wire are Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables.
  • Heliax: A type of coaxial cable, used typically in the telecommunications field and has two types which are Open Eye Heliax 53% and Closed eye Heliax
  • Jelly Wire/Cable: This low-grade, coated copper wire is used by telecommunication companies for running underground wiring, typically has many pairings from 50-1000. Sometimes referred to as telephone cable.
  • Steel BX 22%: Insulated copper wire with a steel casing surrounding it, very similar composition of Alum Bx 53%, main difference being the steel casing instead of aluminum casing, this wire often is found in older homes and buildings.
  • Low-grade wire: We accept lower-quality insulated wire such as Christmas lights and underground residential distribution (URD) wire.

We also take extension cords and other types of household cords, with and without plug ends.

How to Recycle Your Scrap Wire

To get the best price and expedite your scrap drop-off or pickup, be sure to group wire by type. If you have a wire stripper, you can remove the insulation yourself. Sgt. Scrap offers multiple ways to recycle your scrap wire and other materials:

  • Drop off your scrap: You can bring your scrap material to either of our scrap yard locations. Our Haddon Township, NJ, location is open seven days a week, and our Pennsauken Township, NJ, location is open Monday through Saturday.
  • Schedule a pick-up: If you have more than 500 pounds of material to scrap, you can schedule a convenient mobile pickup. A member of the Sgt. Scrap team will pick up your scrap from your office or work site, weigh your materials, and pay you on the spot.
  • Order a roll-off container: Our roll-off dumpsters are a great solution for companies and contractors collecting scrap at a job site. Once the container is full, simply contact Sgt. Scrap, and we’ll pick it up. There is a 5,000-pound minimum for roll-off container service.

Note: Sgt. Scrap does not provide residential or commercial cleanout services.

Insulated Wire Pricing

Currently, we offer the following prices for insulated wire:

Metal Type Price Per Unit
Steel BX 22% $0.60 Lb
Cords with Ends $0.60 Lb
Extension Cords No Plug Ends $1.20 Lb
#2 - Insulated Wire 55% $1.61 Lb
#2 - Insulated Wire 75% $2.03 Lb
#2 - Insulated Feeders (1/0+) $2.88 Lb
Car Harness $1.45 Lb
Data Wire $1.40 Lb
Aluminum Bx 53% $1.85 Lb
Heliax Open Eye $1.65 Lb
Heliax Closed Eye $0.50 Lb
Jelly Wire $1.10 Lb
X-mas Lights / Low Grade Wire / URD $0.35 Lb

Sgt. Scrap is committed to transparency in our pricing, and we regularly update our website to reflect the most up-to-date prices.

Learn More From Sgt. Scrap

Help keep insulated wires out of the waste stream and ensure its valuable components are recycled safely by partnering with Sgt. Scrap. We work with electricians, developers, contractors, and other customers throughout our service area:

  • All of New Jersey
  • All of Delaware
  • Pennsylvania, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties
  • New York, including Long Island, Staten Island, and Manhattan

For more information about Sgt. Scrap, check out our Yelp reviews, or contact us today.

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