Copper pipes found in a home

Where to Look for Scrap Copper in Your Home

Known for being a highly sought-after commodity in the scrap metal community, copper is one of the most commonly scrapped metals. This is largely because it can be worth a lot of money. Some might think copper is hard to come by given its high demand. However, you might be able to find scrap copper right in your home if you know where to look.

Sgt. Scrap, a premier scrap metal dealer serving throughout New Jersey and a wide area in surrounding states, specializes in responsibly recycling various metals, including copper. Here, we detail the areas of your home that may be a good source of scrap copper so you know where to look.

Old Appliances Containing Copper

Copper might be right under your nose and you may not even know it. If you have recently replaced an older appliance with a new one and have stored the old unit in your basement or garage, check to see if it contains any copper elements. Older appliances especially will likely have copper components that you could recycle for cash in your pocket. Common appliances that contain copper are washers, dryers, water heaters, air conditioners, and refrigerators.


In the winter, there’s always a risk of pipes freezing, bursting, and needing to be replaced. If this happens, it can be a huge inconvenience to homeowners. Aside from fixing the issue, the only silver lining is you may be able to make some extra cash for those busted pipes. Many plumbing materials and piping are made from copper. Instead of throwing these pipes or plumbing components away when they need to be replaced, you could recycle them and be compensated. Be sure to instruct the contractor to leave the leftover broken pipes for you.

Old Electronics

A common source of copper in your home could be collecting dust in the form of old electronics. Homeowners or residents looking for scrap copper around their homes should dig up any old electronics and open them up to check for any copper wiring. When doing so, be sure to remove the small transformers off the end of the wires before you bring them to the scrap yard.

The same goes for old computers. With the switch to tablets and smartphones, many households have abandoned their desktop computers. If you still have your old family computer, open up the computer tower to try and find some copper wiring to sell. Doing so, you may be able to collect up to one or two pounds of wire per computer tower, depending on the make, size, and model. Combining this with the other copper you’ve collected can really start to add up. Additionally, inside old computers, you may also find copper heat sinks that can also be sold as copper scrap.

The Value of Copper in the Home

When scouring for copper, it’s important to note that not all copper is the same and therefore not all of it is valued equally. How much copper is worth is based on a grading system. Copper wires have a separate grading system that is based on the yield of copper remaining after the insulation has been stripped off the wire. Sgt. Scrap pays competitive prices for copper and other scrap metals. Our scrap metal prices are updated daily.

Material Price

#1 Copper $3.32 / Lb
#2 Copper $3.06 / Lb
Bare Bright Copper Wire $3.42 / Lb
Copper Sheet $2.87 / Lb
Copper Wire Lead Washed $2.79 / Lb
Hard Drawn / Dark or Oxidized Copper $3.22 / Lb
Tin Coated Bus Bar $3.03 / Lb
Tin Coated Copper Wire $3.03 / Lb


Scrapping Services at Sgt. Scrap

Anyone wishing to unload their scrap metal and looking to receive a fair price should turn to metal recycling experts at Sgt. Scrap. With locations in Pennsauken Township and Haddon Township, New Jersey, we are pleased to offer professional metal recycling services to customers in New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. For more information on where you can find copper in the home or to schedule a pickup (for 500 pounds or more of non-ferrous product), contact us today at Sgt. Scrap.

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