Scrap metal stored in a bag away from water and other elements

Setting Aside Scrap in the Home Before Transport

Collecting and recycling unused or unwanted scrap metal is a great way to earn some extra cash. Whether you’re doing it as a side hustle or scrapping as one of your main sources of income, you want to ensure you’re making maximum profits from your scrap. An important aspect of scrapping is making sure your collection of metals is properly stored between trips to the scrap yard.

Sgt. Scrap is a premier scrap metal dealership serving New Jersey as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. Here, we explore the idea of scrap metal storage and offer advice on how to store and prepare your scrap metal for safe transportation.

Why Does Scrap Metal Storage Matter?

Several factors dictate how much scrap metal is worth, such as the type, the amounts, and current market trends. Another big factor is the condition of the metal. Metals that are in better condition generally receive higher value from scrap dealers. Because of this, how you store your scrap metal is crucial.

When ferrous metals are exposed to water and oxygen for prolonged periods, they can develop rust. This rust can eat away at the metal, not only lessening its value but also reducing its weight. When this happens, you’ll see less money for your haul.

To prevent this, it’s wise to store your scrap metal safely and securely before delivery to a scrap yard or similar location. To prevent rust and other contaminants from lessening the value of your scrap metal, consider storing it in low-moisture rooms or areas. Some of the best places to store scrap metal include:

Barn or Warehouse

Large spaces like a barn or warehouse are ideal for storing scrap because they offer scrappers a host of great benefits, such as protection from the elements and thieves. Since barns and warehouses usually are away from other areas, storing scrap metal in these areas can ensure it doesn’t get in the way of other items.


Unless you have large amounts of scrap consisting of extremely bulky pieces, cellars are great options for scrap metal storage. Be aware though — if your cellar or basement commonly experiences water damage, you should invest in storage boxes first.

Storage Unit

Offering short and long-term storage options, storage units are a great solution for scrap metal storage. They offer dry spaces, and most are continuously monitored, allowing you to safely store any scrap you’ve collected.

Don’t Forget to Separate Metals

Even when in storage, it’s beneficial to organize your metals according to type and quality. When your scrap metals are not sorted, dealers may have difficulty spotting more valuable metals that could be hidden within your haul. Taking the time to separate your metals can garner you more money in the end. We recommend organizing your collected metals first before setting them aside in storage. Make it a habit to sort your scrap metals by putting them in labeled storage containers so you always know what you have and how much.

Discover More DIY Scrap Metal Storage Ideas From Sgt. Scrap

While your scrap metal most likely won’t be in pristine condition, it’s still important that you preserve it as well as you can to ensure it holds its value. At Sgt. Scrap, we’re dedicated to helping clients get the most out of their unwanted or unused scrap. We’re happy to recommend various scrap metal storage solutions so you can keep your collection safe and secure.

As a premier scrap dealer, we’re pleased to offer a full lineup of professional services, including roll-off dumpsters. Great for clients who accumulate large amounts of scrap, our containers will help you store your scrap metal, keeping it away from other materials. Once you have at least 5,000 pounds of scrap metal, our team will haul the container back to our scrap yard. After sorting through what you’ve collected, we will provide fair compensation for your scrap.

We also offer mobile pickup service for people who have at least 500 pounds of non-ferrous scrap metal.

Clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York who wish to hear more scrap metal storage ideas or who want to learn more about the different types of scrap metal we buy, should contact us today at Sgt. Scrap.

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