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A Beginner’s Guide to Scrapping Your Car

Did you know you can sell scrap cars for metal recycling? This is often a good choice when a car is truly at the end of its mechanical life. If this is the first time you’ve had to consider scrapping your car, Sgt. Scrap has collected a few tips to share. We have gained years of experience and knowledge through our operation of a successful auto salvage yard in New Jersey.

Recycle When You Sell Scrap Cars

We all know that recycling helps reduce the space taken by landfills, and many old items can be used to make newly manufactured materials. That’s why the list of valuable metals we buy at Sgt. Scrap is quite long, and why we want to recycle old automobiles.

Cars consist of many metal parts, so when you sell a scrap car, you’re helping all of that valuable metal go back into the manufacturing stream. By reducing the need for new metal production, you are also helping to limit the amount of mining and pollution associated with those processes. If your car is ready to go off the road, scrap metal recycling is an excellent choice, both for you and the environment.

Should You Keep Repairing the Vehicle?

Whether to keep repairing an old car is a decision based on recent repair bills, your finances, and current market conditions. However, after many miles and years of driving, most cars either need constant repair or complete restoration. The latter option is only viable if your car is considered a classic.

It may be difficult to say goodbye to a beloved old car, but it’s often the best move you can make, as a newer car will have more safety features. And it may well be a better financial choice to invest your resources in a more mechanically sound vehicle.

Should You Try to Trade or Sell?

If you think your car might be ready for salvage, it’s unlikely that it should be sold to another driver. Even if a potential buyer wants to buy your scrap car only for parts, the price offered will be low. Neither will a dealer offer you much of a price if you try to sell scrap cars for a trade-in on a new car.

As you consider your options, be sure to check with a reputable metal and scrap car recycler. Not only will you get a fair price for the contents of your old car, but you’ll also know that it is being handled in a way that benefits the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Steps to Help You Sell Your Scrap Car

When you sell scrap cars, there are a few simple steps to take.

  • Locate the title and collect documentation (must be in your name and you must have valid Government ID at time of sale), if necessary, to show that it is free of liens
  • Prepare your vehicle by cleaning out all personal belongings, including paperwork, tools, and mementos
  • Remove electronics, including GPS units and stereo systems
  • Take off license plate, take out your EZ Pass or other highway toll devices
  • Plan to drive your vehicle to the car scrap yard, or arrange a tow
  • After arriving at the auto salvage yard, the crew will remove license plates, assess the value, and pay you in cash
  • Contact both the Department of Motor Vehicles and your insurance company to adjust your policy

Sell Scrap Cars to Sgt. Scrap in NJ

You can sell scrap cars to Sgt. Scrap at our Pennsauken Township location. We will take your non-functional scrap car and give you the best price. In addition to paying you in cash, we take care to properly recycle all scrap metal and parts. Also take into consideration that we are giving you the scrap value of your car, the price we offer you as based off the cars weight upon entry to our scrap yard.  

We Offer Scrap Metal Recycling in NJ, PA, DE, and NY

In addition to our auto salvage yard, Sgt. Scrap accepts metal scrap for recycling from customers in New Jersey, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. For customers who have at least 500 pounds of non-ferrous scrap metal, we offer a mobile pickup service. We also can provide roll-off dumpsters to collect scrap metal for major construction or demolition projects. For more information about scrap metal recycling and how to sell scrap cars to Sgt. Scrap, contact us today.

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