Aluminum Scrap Yard

Don’t Toss Your Old Aluminum — Cash In at Our Aluminum Scrap Yard!

Looking for an aluminum scrap yard near Ocean County, NJ or Philadelphia, PA?

Whether you drop off all your scrap to our location, rent a container, or use our convenient mobile scrap metal pickup service or car junk yard, there’s no better team to turn to for all your scrap metal needs than Sgt. Scrap! We strive to make the process as simple as possible, so you can receive quick cash for your scrap metal.

Considering how aluminum is the second-most recycled and demanded metal, you can rest assured knowing we accept many different forms of this kind of scrap. Do have any aluminum scrap that could be turned into cash right now? Let’s find out.


There’s no doubt that cans are the most commonly recycled type of aluminum. From alcoholic beverages to soda and more, a large number of our most popular household goods are packaged in aluminum containers. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your cans are made out of real aluminum, you can test the composition of your containers with an ordinary household magnet.

Household Scrap

In addition to beverage cans, there are many other household items designed with aluminum. For example, you might have old appliances, lawn chairs, or other goods that have been constructed from aluminum materials. Just like beverage cans, these aluminum products can be quickly processed and recycled at our scrap metal facility.

Manufacturing Scrap

Aluminum scrap is also produced during the manufacturing process. For example, when a soda can is made, the manufacturing facility will recycle any aluminum that was leftover from the process. These aluminum scraps can be melted down in a smelter and recreated into sustainably produced goods.

When you transport your metal to our full service, indoor aluminum scrap yard, we’ll quickly weigh everything you dropped off and provide you with a suitable payment. You can have confidence in knowing that our team here at Sgt. Scrap is committed to providing customers with a superior level of honesty and respect. We want you to have the knowledge and tools necessary to be an informed scrap metal customer.

Let Us Bring Our Aluminum Scrap Yard to You!

In addition to mobile scrap metal pick up services and drop-offs at our site, we can also deliver scrap metal roll-off dumpsters for a variety of different jobs and projects. We offer 20, 30, 40 and 2-yard containers. This way you can conveniently store all of your metal in one place as you work, before getting it picked up and transported back to our aluminum scrap yard. This is a perfect way for companies to consolidate all their scrap in an organized fashion.

If you own a business that generates scrap regularly or frequently removes different kinds of metals from job sites, make sure you choose Sgt. Scrap when it’s finally time to cash-in. Our innovative process allows commercial customers to enjoy a simple scraping process and, in turn, receive a satisfying payout. Whether it involves a commercial job or it’s simply another way for you to generate some extra cash, Sgt. Scrap is the preferred scrap yard near Ocean County, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Whether you’re looking for an aluminum scrap yard, copper scrap yard or a scrap yard for any other kinds of metals, you can count of the preferred team of experts at Sgt. Scrap to help you receive an appropriate payout!

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