5 Sources of Household Aluminum Scrap

Most people believe that if they want to make money selling scrap aluminum, they need to be a contractor or business owner who generates a ton of scrap metal as a byproduct of their work. However, metal recycling services in Monmouth County like Sgt. Scrap know firsthand that most people have plenty of scrap aluminum […]

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3 Car-Related Tax Credits and Deductions for 2019

Cars are one of the single most expensive things to own, both in terms of initial investment and ongoing costs of maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Luckily, there are plenty of car-related deductions and credits that you can take advantage of when tax time rolls around.

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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

The beginning of a new year is perfect time to reflect on yourself and your personal goals and to set hopes and aspirations for what you’d like to accomplish over the course of the next 12 months. But your new year’s resolutions don’t just have to be to lose weight or start cleaning more often—they […]

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What is Rust and How Does it Form?

If you’ve ever left a scrap piece of iron, an old car, or even a bicycle outside for an extended period of time, you’ve probably noticed reddish-brown rust forming on your metals. But what exactly is this substance, and how does it form?   Oxidation Nation Rust occurs when iron is exposed to water. When […]

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3 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Aluminum

From the frames of our bicycles to the soda cans sold at the supermarket, aluminum can be found in almost every industry and employment area in the world. Though we typically don’t pay much attention to the humble material, life simply could not exist as we know it today without thousands of pounds of aluminum […]

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5 Crazy Things You Might Not Have Known About Landfills

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.” Everyone knows that we should all be lending a helping hand to Mother Earth, but the truth is that our society doesn’t do nearly as much recycling as we can and should. Before you toss that can in your standard garbage can, read these five surprising facts you might not have known […]

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3 Ways You Can Make More Money to Start 2018

If you’re like most consumers, you’re probably looking to start 2018 with a little more money in your pocket. While you might not magically be able to make some cash appear in your couch cushions, you might have a few useless valuables that you may be able to sell to make up for your credit […]

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3 Ways to Start 2018 with Less Clutter

Have you noticed that your property is looking a little more cluttered lately? After the stress of the holidays has come and gone, many homeowners find themselves trapped in a home that’s a little less than neat and tidy. Make a plan to start the New Year off right, and consider implementing some of these […]

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How Does Selling Scrap Metal Help the Environment?

When it comes to saving the planet, most people already know that reducing, reusing and recycling is one of the best ways to help out our planet. That’s because when we repurpose or find new uses for things that we already own, we not only save space in a landfill but we also prevent old […]

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