Why Your Company Should Recycle Scrap Metal

From construction contractors to recently renovated corporate headquarters, almost every business eventually ends up in a situation where they have unneeded scraps. As the world grows more and more green, and companies are incentivized to make their operations environmentally friendly, the demand for responsible scrapping services continues to rise.

Why should your business scrap unwanted metals?

  • Free, Easy Money – Let us clarify. If you throw away metal, you get no cash. On the other hand, professional scrap services pay good money for precious metals that are often found on or in everything from industrial appliances to household electronics.  So, ask yourself, “Do I like free money?” If the answer is yes, give us a call.

    We pay you on the spot every time. No waiting period. Sgt. Scrap will weigh your business’s metal waste and compensate you accordingly without weeks of paperwork and aggravation. Our trucks will come to you to collect bulk loads of non-ferrous (non-magnetic) products that qualify.
  • Toxic Consequences It’s not safe throwing away items that contain toxic metals. The last thing you want is mercury (or other metals and chemicals) getting into a food or water supply accidentally. Plus, most things can be recycled and reused which minimizes the carbon footprint. Every little bit helps. To ensure your grandkids a lifetime of clean water, air, and land, do your part and recycle. Not only does it improve the ecosystem, but it also stimulates the economy. Additionally, everybody is lawsuit happy these days, so it’s always best to play it safe and be responsible. Bad PR can go a long way.

What metals do scrap yards accept?

Sgt. Scrap accepts:

  • Copper – This includes wire, cables, cords, pipes, clippings, and cupronickel.
  • Batteries – This includes acid batteries, steel-cased batteries.
  • Aluminum – From cans and foil to siding and cast aluminum, we will take it off your hands at a great rate.
  • Electronics – Don’t trash your company’s computer towers. These can net you a cash return because they have valuable components that can be reused or donated such as motherboards, CPUs, RAM, and hard drives. The same goes for cell phones.
  • Iron, Steel, and Stainless Steel – This includes machinery, steel beams, and kitchen goods.
  • Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Titanium and Nickel – If you are unsure what metals you have, don’t worry. We will take care of the dirty work for you.
  • And much more!

[We accept electronics! – Image Source]

Sgt. Scrap does not accept:

In conclusion, it’s never too late to change. Out with the old, and in with the new. Chances are you and your business regularly update hardware. The next time you do so, call up the Sgt. and we will get you some extra spending money that can be invested back into your company. For more information, call (856)-356-2516.

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