The Most Valuable Metals on Earth

When most people imagine expensive metals, they immediately think of gold wedding bands and silver hoop earrings. What most people don’t know is that gold and silver aren’t the most valuable metals on Earth—and silver doesn’t even rank in the top 5! Read on to learn a little bit about some of the most “precious” precious metals on Earth.

  • Rhodium. Unless you work in the automotive industry, you may not have ever heard of the most valuable metal on Earth. Rhodium is extremely rare—an entire ton of the Earth’s crust contains only about 0.0001 gram of this metal. Highly valued for its reflective properties, rhodium is used in the manufacture of automobiles, searchlights, and some industrial products.

  • Platinum. The second most valuable metal on Earth is platinum. Though you probably already know that platinum is a major player in the jewelry industry, it’s also used in dental products, weaponry, and aeronautics thanks to its incredible strength and resistance to corrosion. The world’s top producers of platinum are Canada, South Africa, and Russia.

  • Gold. From its pretty yellow color to its lustrous shine, everyone knows that gold is precious and valuable. But did you know that gold is used in more than just rings and necklaces? Gold’s malleable properties and conductive structure make it a common material in the electronics, radiation shielding, and thermal insulation industries.

  • Ruthenium. A member of the platinum family, ruthenium is renowned for its strength and nonreactive nature. Ruthenium is commonly used to plate electrical contacts. Small deposits of ruthenium can be found in Russia and South America.

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