Dirty brass fasteners that can be recycled

Should You Recycle Your Dirty Brass?

You can recycle scrap brass—even dirty brass containing rust or other debris—for money at Sgt. Scrap.

Whether you’re a contractor cleaning up a job site or a homeowner undergoing a renovation project, there’s an opportunity to earn some quick cash. Many people choose to collect their unwanted scrap metal and have it reprocessed for a handsome payout. Of the scrap that can be recycled, brass is one of the more popular metals due to how often it can be found. When recycling brass, however, scrappers should be aware there are different types of this alloy, and some are worth more than others.

When scrapping, you may come across what’s known as dirty brass. While this type of brass still holds a relatively good value for scrap metal, it does differ from traditional brass scrap metal. Knowing the difference can help you in your metal scrapping ventures and prioritize based on value. Sgt. Scrap is a premier scrap metal dealer serving New Jersey and a wide surrounding area. Here, we detail what dirty brass is and advise on whether you should spend time collecting it.

What Is Dirty Brass?

Brass is an alloy that is composed of copper and zinc, and it is commonly found in plumbing, HVAC systems, ammunition casings, and home furnishings, such as lighting fixtures, doorknobs, and some bed frames. Brass is often described as either red or yellow. The difference has to do with the metal’s copper content. Brass with more copper will have a reddish tone, and brass with less copper will have a yellow sheen. Red brass is the more valuable metal type of the two, given the timeless value of copper.

Brass that is contaminated with other metals, debris, or rust is referred to as dirty brass. This is because the weight of the material is not 100% brass, the weight is coming from other (less valuable) materials and cannot be sold as yellow brass unless it is processed. The value of dirty brass is significantly lower than that of clean brass, this is to cover the processing costs of having to upgrade the material if we can. In some cases, dirty brass cannot be processed because of the contamination severity of materials intwined with the brass. However, that does not mean scrappers should just disregard it. Dirty brass can still be recycled and in some cases upgraded to yellow or red brass and therefore is still valuable. We encourage you to upgrade or clean the material by taking off any contaminative material (ex. Steel, aluminum, Stainless steel, rubber, plastic etc.)  so we can give you the best price possible.

The Value of Dirty Brass

Like any metal type, the value of dirty brass fluctuates and depends on several factors, such as the purity of the metal and current market conditions. People who wish to be fairly compensated for their dirty brass and other scrap metal should take the metal they’ve collected to a reputable and trusted dealer. At Sgt. Scrap, we strive to offer our clients the best prices for all the metals we buy. Check today’s prices for value per pound.

Recycling Brass and Other Metals at Sgt. Scrap

Whether it is dirty or pure, Sgt. Scrap is happy to take any brass off your hands. As a premier scrap dealer in New Jersey, you can be sure you are getting the best value when you recycle with us. We make it easy for you to turn your scrap brass and other metals into cash in your pocket. Our team is dedicated to offering various options for getting rid of your scrap metals, such as:

  • Drop-off service: With no minimum poundage requirement for scrap metal drop-offs, customers are welcome to bring their items to either of our locations in Pennsauken Township or Haddon Township, NJ.
  • Mobile pickup: If bringing in your scrap is too tall an order for whatever reason, we offer convenient pickup services to our customers. Be advised, the minimum poundage requirement for scrap metal pickup is 500 pounds.
  • Roll-off dumpsters: An excellent option for clients who will be collecting scrap metal over time or clients tasked with cleaning a job site, our containers allow for a generous amount of scrap and can be filled at your convenience. Once full, our team will pick up the container, weigh your scrap, and pay you accordingly. The minimum requirement for these dumpsters is 5,000 pounds.

Sell Scrap Brass and Other Metals at Sgt. Scrap

Why not turn your unused belongings and old scrap into money? People in New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York, can turn scrap metal into money. Contact us today at Sgt. Scrap.

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