Client transporting scrap haul with personal vehicle

Saving Time with Mobile Scrap Pickup

Whether you’re an individual who collects scrap to make a little extra cash on the side or a big company that specializes in large cleanup jobs, transporting your scrap metal can be challenging and time-consuming. Instead of doing it yourself, you can rely on mobile scrap metal pickup services from a professional scrap dealer. Sgt. Scrap is the premier scrap metal dealer serving customers in New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. Here, we detail how mobile scrap metal pickup can save you time in addition to its other benefits.

Saving You Time and Money

Sorting through your scrap metal and separating it into grades and types is an important step to ensure you’re getting the best value. However, it’s also very time-consuming. Even more tedious is loading your haul in your personal vehicle and transporting it to your preferred scrap yard, which will cost you money for fuel and take up your valuable time. But this process doesn’t need to be a part of your scrap metal recycling routine.

Arranging for your collected scrap to be picked up from your property provides significant cost savings and convenience. Sgt. Scrap’s mobile pickup can collect your scrap from your home, your construction site, your factory, or any other workplace, at a time that works best with your schedule.

Because you’ll know exactly when your scrap will be collected and transported, you can plan your time accordingly. Additionally, because you’re saving yourself a trip to the scrap yard, you’ll save yourself from extra fuel costs.

Other Benefits

Saving time is not the only advantage of mobile scrap metal pickup. Other reasons to consider having the dealer come to you to collect your scrap include:

Protect Your Personal Vehicle

Scrap metal comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can consist of bulky, sharp items or smaller parts. Most personal vehicles weren’t designed to haul away scrap metal. When you use your main form of transportation to move scrap metal, you run the risk of damaging it. Because mobile scrap pickup services prevent you from needing to transport the scrap, they can keep your personal vehicle protected.

No More Heavy Lifting

As previously mentioned, the scrap metal you gather can sometimes include large, heavy items. When transporting your scrap yourself, you’re responsible for loading it up. Depending on the type and amount of scrap you’ve collected, this may require you to perform heavy lifting, which can be taxing on your body.

The risk of injury increases when bending, twisting, and other awkward postures are involved. When you use mobile scrap metal pickup services, you no longer need to load your haul yourself, which may prevent you from developing injuries.

Our Mobile Scrap Metal Pickup Services

At Sgt. Scrap, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched services to help make the scrapping process simple. We offer mobile pickup to customers who find transporting their scrap themselves a challenge.

To set up this service, clients simply need to schedule a pickup time and let our team handle the rest. We’ll arrive at the agreed-upon time, load up your scrap, and haul it away, eliminating much of the effort required to scrap metal. Once the scrap is returned to our mobile scrap yard, it will be inspected and you will be compensated fairly.

To qualify for mobile pickup, you’ll need to have 500 pounds or more of non-ferrous scrap product.

As a premier scrap metal yard, we proudly offer our mobile scrap metal pickup services to clients within a large area, including the following:

  • Anywhere in NJ
  • All of Delaware
  • Philadelphia and Bucks, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania
  • Long Island and Staten Island, NY
  • Manhattan, NY (for 1,000 pounds or more)

For more information about our mobile pickup scrap services and the different types of scrap metal we buy, you can contact us today at Sgt. Scrap.

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