3 Common Mistakes that Amateur Scrappers Make

If you’re considering selling your scrap metal to a recycler, you’re making a great choice for both your wallet and the environment! Metal recycling services in Philadelphia such as Sgt. Scrap have seen increases in popularity as more and more people are getting fed up with the metal lying around their yards and decide to […]

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The Best Types of Scrap Metal to Recycle

Did you know that nearly any type of metal is recyclable? It’s true! Metal recycling services in Philadelphia commonly accept nearly every type of metal, and most of it can be melted down and reworked into new materials, putting less of a strain on our planet than simply creating new metal! If you have a […]

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Some Common Metals That Can Be Recycled

Many metals can be melted down without any lack of compromise to their strength and durability. This makes metal’s materials ideal for recycling. Recycling also helps preserve natural resources and energy. Below are just a handful of common metals that should be recycled and why. Aluminum One of the most commonly found metals on this […]

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Why Your Company Should Recycle Scrap Metal

From construction contractors to recently renovated corporate headquarters, almost every business eventually ends up in a situation where they have unneeded scraps. As the world grows more and more green, and companies are incentivized to make their operations environmentally friendly, the demand for responsible scrapping services continues to rise. Why should your business scrap unwanted […]

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