Why Are So Many People Stealing Copper and How Can You Protect Yourself?

According to the Department of Energy, copper theft is responsible for about a billion dollars worth of damage every single year. One man in Illinois even died after attempting to steal a live copper wire out of a power station. Copper theft continues to be a rising problem across the United States, with the number of reported cases increasing on an almost daily basis. But what is driving this epidemic of copper theft and how can you protect yourself from thieves?


First, know that selling copper can be big business if done legitimately. Most companies offering money for scrap metal in Philadelphia pay top dollar for copper, which has surged in price in recent years. The market price for high-grade copper has surged to about $3 a pound. In comparison, it was a little over $2 a pound last year, and the price-per-pound of this metal is expected to continue to rise.


Up until recently, most wires were made completely of copper, meaning that it’s also very abundant. This creates the perfect environment to stimulate the illegitimate copper collection industry. Copper theft also tends to spike in the summer and fall seasons because warmer weather shows a yearly increase in crime, as well as the large amount of copper found inside outdoor air conditioning units.


Protecting yourself against copper theft is as easy as keeping a watchful eye on your home, as well as keeping your outdoor air conditioning unit secure. When not in use, cover your HVAC unit, as it will help to deter thieves.


If you have a large amount of scrap metal on your property, consider selling it. Sgt. Scrap can provide you with a roll-off container in Gloucester County, and remove scrap metal from your yard to help prevent thieves from rooting through your yard.


If you wish to learn more or schedule a scrap metal pick-up, contact our friendly team at Sgt. Scrap today.


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