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How to Sell a Vehicle for Scrap

Do you have a junker that you need to get rid of? If your car has been in a wreck or is just too old and run down, you’re unlikely to get any money by bringing your car to a dealership. But there’s good news: you can turn your car over to a scrap yard that will recycle the materials and give you cash in exchange. In this post from Sgt. Scrap, based in New Jersey and serving Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania and New York, we’ll tell you what you need to know before taking your junk vehicle to a scrap yard.

Call Local Junkyards and Compare Quotes

If you’re ready to get rid of your junker, make sure you’re getting the best price. Take the time to call a few different scrap yards to compare their policies and how much they’re offering to pay for your vehicle. If you have a wrecked car that doesn’t run anymore, make sure you ask if they provide a towing service. However, if your car still runs, you’ll likely be expected to drop it off yourself at the scrap yard.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

When you sell your car to a scrap yard, you’re transferring ownership of the vehicle – so make sure you have a clean title and have a copy of your vehicle title handy. Check with your state’s department of motor vehicles for instructions on how to handle the vehicle plates, as you’ll need to remove them before leaving the car at the scrap yard. Some states require that you hand the plates over to the DMV, and you’ll likely need to report the vehicle sale to your DMV as well.

Before turning over your vehicle, don’t forget to remove any personal items. Carefully check your entire car for your belongings: look in the seat pockets, console, glove compartment, and trunk. Don’t forget to check underneath the seats, too. If you’ve added special equipment to your vehicle in the past, such as a custom sound system, you can remove these as well. You may be able to sell these separately for parts. Some junkyards resell these working parts if they’re left in the vehicle, but others don’t.

You may be wondering if you’ll be responsible for removing fluids such as gas, motor oil, and windshield washer fluid. Reputable junkyards will handle this process for you. They have the tools and equipment to safely remove all vehicle fluids and dispose of them properly. These fluids can contain toxic chemicals that can harm the environment, so it’s crucial to use a qualified junkyard that will handle all parts of the vehicle safely.

Bring Your Vehicle to Sgt. Scrap’s Salvage Yard

If it’s finally time to get rid of your old car, let the friendly and experienced team at Sgt. Scrap help you out. As an experienced and trusted auto salvage yard, we’re committed to paying fair prices for scrap vehicles. We’ll work with you to arrange your vehicle drop-off at our scrap yard in Pennsauken Township, NJ.  We offer full transparency and competitive pricing, and we’re open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Sgt. Scrap serves customers in NJ, Delaware, and parts of Pennsylvania and New York. To learn more about our auto salvage services or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.

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