What to Do if Your Car Dies While You’re Driving

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as experiencing trouble with your car’s engine while you’re in the middle of driving. Whether you’ve run out of gas, your car’s battery has called it quits, or you’re having an issue with your sensors, a vehicle that dies on the road can create a safety hazard for both your family and other drivers. If your car dies, don’t panic—follow these four steps to get your car off the road and keep yourself safe.

  • Turn on your emergency blinkers right away. If your car’s battery is still operating, turn on your emergency flashers immediately—this will alert other drivers that you are having a problem and will effectively communicate that they must slow down. If your battery has died, your flashers may not function. In this case, focus on getting off the road as soon as possible.
  • Guide the car off the road. Even if your car’s engine has died completely, you will likely be able to coast to the shoulder or side of the road. If you are moving at a high speed, coast until you are in a safe shoulder, and use your emergency brake to stop the car.
  • If blinkers are out, use a flag to signal that your car is stationary. As soon as your vehicle is safely parked, look through your car for a white or bright-colored cloth to use as a flag to signal to other drivers that your vehicle is stationary. Attach the flag to the window or mirror of your car so other drivers can see it from a distance.
  • Call for help. Call for a tow truck and direct the driver to take your car to a repair shop. If your car has died completely or will be too expensive to repair, you may want to consider calling a service providing auto salvage pick up in New Jersey next.

An undrivable car on the road is a liability. Auto salvage yards in Camden Country like Sgt. Scrap can help you put some money in your pocket when junking your old and unsafe clunker. Give our team a call today at 856-356-2516 or 1-877 Copper0 to learn more!

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