The Best Types of Scrap Metal to Recycle

Did you know that nearly any type of metal is recyclable? It’s true! Metal recycling services in Philadelphia commonly accept nearly every type of metal, and most of it can be melted down and reworked into new materials, putting less of a strain on our planet than simply creating new metal! If you have a pile of scrap metal lying around your yard and becoming an eyesore, you’ve probably thought about selling it to a local collection of scrap metal buyers in Philadelphia. But do you know what your metal is worth?

Here are some of the most commonly sold scrap metals in the country. If your scrap metal is one of these types, you could be in for a big payday.

● Brass and bronze. Brass and bronze are two of the highest paying metals when it comes to scrapping. They are commonly found in locks, valves and any other area that requires movement with low amounts of friction. Because the metals shine so brightly when polished and can be recycled with ease, they are a favorite of scrap metal buyers and recyclers looking to create new products out of older material.

● Copper. Copper is another one of the most highly coveted metals today, and nearly every recycling company and scrap metal buyer will accept it. This is because copper mining is a massively expensive process that requires large amounts of landscape research that mining companies just don’t want to pay for. They’d much rather recycle your copper, meaning that you get top dollar for this valuable metal!

● Aluminum. Aluminum recycling is more than just collecting cans! Industries love recycling aluminum because it’s low melting point means that it can be reused with ease- in fact, companies save about 95% of energy and emission costs by recycling aluminum instead of mining the material raw! This makes it a valuable asset to scrap buyers.

If you are looking to recycle any of the following types of scrap metal, contact our team here at Sgt. Scrap today!

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