Copper bearings

Are Copper Bearings Worth Scrapping?

When you’re scrapping, it pays to know which metals are worth the most money. Having this knowledge can help you use your time more wisely and receive the maximum return for your efforts.

Because copper continues to be used faster than it can be mined, it remains in high demand. However, not all copper-based products are the same, meaning their values are different, as well. Copper bearings may be commonly found across various industrial sites, but are they all worth scraping?

Sgt. Scrap is the premier scrap metal dealer serving customers in New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. Here, we offer insight into what copper bearings are and what they’re worth.

What Are Copper Bearings?

Copper bearings are precision-made components that enable machinery to move at high speeds. They contain some percentage of copper or brass. Copper bearings often will have other significant attachments or impurities, as well as coatings or plating, such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and non-metallic contaminants.

Given the various attachments of different types of metals, copper bearings require a variety of methods to separate, break apart, clean, and extract the copper and brass content. While copper and brass are still highly valuable metals, the additional labor involved in this separation process often translates to an overall lower value compared to pure copper and clean brass.

Cooper bearings are abundant, making them excellent sources of scrap. Examples of copper-bearing scrap items include:

  • Electric motors
  • Light ballast
  • Sealed units (compressors)
  • Alternators
  • Copper transformers
  • Cooper transformer coils
  • Air conditioning units and compressors
  • Copper windings
  • Armatures
  • Stators
  • Starters

What Determines the Value of Copper Bearings?

The scrap copper market encompasses various copper-based products and materials such as copper bearings. Given its wide range, this market is always fluctuating. The current value of copper is dependent on several factors. It is first determined by the COMEX, which is the commodity exchange in NYC and United States-based futures and options market for trading copper.

Another pivotal factor that contributes to the value of copper is supply and demand. Demand from domestic and international consumers for new copper products, which includes items made from recycled copper and brass materials, will dictate price.

The strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar also can influence the value of recycled copper. Other factors include the general economic condition of the U.S. and China, as well as other industrialized countries, the global output of copper ore mines, and various global events.

Anyone wondering whether copper bearings are worth scraping should check the going rates and the current market price paid for copper at Sgt. Scrap.

Recycle Copper Bearings and Other Metals at Sgt. Scrap

At Sgt. Scrap, recycling metal is in our DNA. By continuously providing customers with top-quality scrap services and competitive rates, we’ve earned the reputation of being the premier scrap metal dealer in New Jersey. We happily accept many types of metals, including copper bearings.

We make scrapping easy for those who need to get rid of their unwanted scrap with two convenient locations in Haddon Township and Pennsauken Township, NJ. We accommodate anyone who wishes to have their scrap hauled away through our premium offerings:

Mobile Pickup

Schedule a time and date for your scrap to be picked up and hauled away by one of our team members with mobile pickup. Once scrap is sorted through and weighed, customers will be compensated fairly. Mobile pickup requires a minimum of 500 pounds of non-ferrous scrap.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Ideal for large construction jobs and renovation projects, roll-off dumpsters allow clients to gather scrap at their leisure. Once the container is full or you’re done collecting, our team will remove the dumpster and haul it back to our scrap yard where its contents will be inspected and you will receive compensation. This service requires a minimum of 5,000 pounds of scrap (steel is allowed).

Clients throughout New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and parts of New York searching for a fair scrap dealer to discard their scrap recycling loads should turn to the experienced team at Sgt. Scrap. Contact us today to learn more about our professional scrap services and the metals we buy or to find out our most up-to-date copper-bearing scrap prices.

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