5 Sources of Household Aluminum Scrap

Most people believe that if they want to make money selling scrap aluminum, they need to be a contractor or business owner who generates a ton of scrap metal as a byproduct of their work. However, metal recycling services in Monmouth County like Sgt. Scrap know firsthand that most people have plenty of scrap aluminum sitting around in their home collecting dust! Before you toss out any one of the following aluminum products from your home, consider consulting with a scrap recycling service to do something good for the environment — and get top dollar for your metal as well!

 Aluminum Cans

Probably the most well-known source of aluminum in the world, statistics say that you probably have more than a few aluminum soda cans hanging around your home! Americans throw away an average of one million tons of aluminum soda cans every year. Instead of tossing your empty cans, turn them into cash by recycling them!

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum rims from cars and trucks are often forgotten when the car is scrapped or sold to a junkyard. To maximize the profits from your rims, remember to remove any rubber or lead from them before adding them in with your aluminum scrap.

Old aluminum Bicycles

If you have an old bicycle on your property that isn’t rusting, chances are it’s made of aluminum! Remove handles and wheels from the bike before recycling to get the most money possible from your scrapyard of choice.

Aluminum Wiring

If you’re removing cables and wiring, you might find two valuable types of wire: brown copper wiring and silver aluminum wiring. Not sure if your wires are aluminum? Grab a magnet — if the wire is not magnetic, it’s aluminum.

Aluminum Pans

Yes, there’s even aluminum in your kitchen! Old pans and pots often feature aluminum bodies, which can be removed from plastic handles and scrapped.

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