3 Ways to Start 2018 with Less Clutter

Have you noticed that your property is looking a little more cluttered lately? After the stress of the holidays has come and gone, many homeowners find themselves trapped in a home that’s a little less than neat and tidy.

Make a plan to start the New Year off right, and consider implementing some of these home organization tips that will help you feel ready to grab 2018 by the horns!

  • Clear out the scrap metal. If you’ve got scrap metal cluttering up your yard or home, now is the time to finally get it out. Calling a scrap metal buying company like Sgt. Scrap and renting roll-off containers in Camden County, which will make clearing out annoying and potentially dangerous scrap metal. This will leave your yard or basement looking and feeling cleaner in a matter of hours.
  • Make it a family affair. The quickest way to clean out a cluttered home is to get everyone in the family involved. Asking everyone living in your home to help go through your collected junk and decide what’s worth saving and what’s worth getting rid of. Even children can lend a helping hand, choosing which toys they don’t play with anymore and which ones they’d like to donate.
  • Create a plan to keep things organized. One of the best New Year’s resolutions that you can make is to keep your home organized past January. Create a plan to make that happen by writing down steps that you will take to avoid allowing your home or yard to become cluttered again. For example, weekly cleaning if you work from the home or monthly scrap metal donations if your home or yard doubles as your workspace.

If stray scrap metal is what’s causing your home’s clutter, a roll-off container service in Gloucester County like Sgt. Scrap can help you start the 2018 off with a cleaner home and a little more money in your pocket. Give us a call today at 856-356-2516 or 1-877 Copper0 to get started!

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