3 Reasons to Scrap Your Junk Car with Sgt. Scrap

We understand that it can tough to say goodbye to big items you own, like your car. However,  if your car is no longer in driving condition, what’s the point of keeping it around? If all your junk car is going to do is sit around and collect dust and rust, you should know there are smarter, more economical options at your disposal.

At Sgt. Scrap, we are the best scrap yard in the area because we do more than just pay you for your used scrap metal. We will also buy your junk car from you, provide free towing service and take it to our car junkyard in Gloucester County. Here are three reasons you should choose to sell your junk car to Sgt. Scrap.

Extra Cash in Your Pocket: There’s never anything wrong with earning some extra cash, right? Now you can turn that junk car that’s been sitting in your front yard into dollar bills, which everyone can agree is a lot better to see. Two main factors that will contribute to the amount of cash you receive is the condition and size of your car.

Better for the Environment: As your junk car continues to sit around, it can actually become a hazard to our environment if chemicals leak and get into the ground. By selling it to our car junkyard in Camden County, we’ll refurbish and resell parts, helping reduce the need for newly-manufactured parts.

Hassle-Free Process: If you have a vehicle that is struggling to operate, it does not belong on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you should not be able to still earn cash for your junk car. Our team of haulers will provide free towing for your vehicle to make sure it safely makes its way to our scrap yard.

Now that you’ve heard all the significant benefits of using Sgt. Scrap to scrap your junk car, we encourage you to give us a call today to schedule a pick-up date. Our office number is 856-356-2516 or 1-877 Copper0. Always remember, whenever you are in need of a scrap yard that is reliable, provides the best rates, and fast pick-up times, you can depend on Sgt. Scrap.

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