5 Ways Drivers Can Help the Environment

In some areas, it’s impossible to get to school or work without a car. Unfortunately, motor vehicles can also harm the environment, contributing carbon emissions and using nonrenewable resources. Luckily, there are a few ways that drivers can “go green” without abandoning their vehicles. Use these five quick and easy tips to get started!

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The Most Valuable Metals on Earth

When most people imagine expensive metals, they immediately think of gold wedding bands and silver hoop earrings. What most people don’t know is that gold and silver aren’t the most valuable metals on Earth—and silver doesn’t even rank in the top 5! Read on to learn a little bit about some of the most “precious” […]

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5 Sources of Household Aluminum Scrap

Most people believe that if they want to make money selling scrap aluminum, they need to be a contractor or business owner who generates a ton of scrap metal as a byproduct of their work. However, metal recycling services in Monmouth County like Sgt. Scrap know firsthand that most people have plenty of scrap aluminum […]

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What is Rust and How Does it Form?

If you’ve ever left a scrap piece of iron, an old car, or even a bicycle outside for an extended period of time, you’ve probably noticed reddish-brown rust forming on your metals. But what exactly is this substance, and how does it form? Oxidation Nation Rust occurs when iron is exposed to water. When iron […]

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What to Do if Your Car Dies While You’re Driving

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as experiencing trouble with your car’s engine while you’re in the middle of driving. Whether you’ve run out of gas, your car’s battery has called it quits, or you’re having an issue with your sensors, a vehicle that dies on the road can create a safety hazard for both your […]

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3 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Aluminum

From the frames of our bicycles to the soda cans sold at the supermarket, aluminum can be found in almost every industry and employment area in the world. Though we typically don’t pay much attention to the humble material, life simply could not exist as we know it today without thousands of pounds of aluminum […]

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